Stainless Steel Semi-Automatic Mango Pulp Paste Filling Machine

Origin Country China
Warranty Time 12 Months
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The semi-automatic paste filling machines have 2 types: single head paste filling machine and double head paste filling machine. This liquid filling machine is a pure pneumatic paste, liquid, and fluid filling equipment. The machine has a simple design and is especially suitable for use in explosion-proof or humid environments. All the parts in contact with the material of our semi-automatic filling machine series are made of imported 304 stainless steel, processed by CNC machine tools, and the surface precision of the parts is good.

semi automatic mango pulp filling machine
semi automatic mango pulp filling machine

Semi-automatic Paste Filling Machine Advantages

1. Versatility, suitable for various fillings
This machine is a semi-automatic piston paste filling machine, which is driven by compressed air.
2. Influencing factors of filling speed
The design is reasonable, the model is small, and the pneumatic control adopts imported pneumatic components.
3. Precise and stable filling
The screw, counter, filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, the filling precision is high, and the precision can be controlled within 1%.
4. Cleaning instructions
The rotary valve used in this machine is a wear-resistant, acid-resistant and high-temperature resistant tetrafluoro material, which cannot be knocked and collided at will during cleaning.

Mango Pulp Packing Machine Parameter

Model GG-1
Air source 0.5-0.7MPa
Filling range 20-500ml
Filling speed 15-20 times/min
Error ±0.53%
Number of filling heads 1head
Machine weight 30Kg
Host size 720mm×180mm×240mm
Packing size 800mm×250mm×320mm

Packing Filling Machine Features

The filling head adopts anti-drip and anti-drawing filling device;
The filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the filling precision is high;
According to actual needs, it can be freely switched between “manual” and “automatic” filling states;
The piston and cylinder body of the cylinder are made of PTFE and stainless steel materials, which meet the requirements of GMP;
This machine is controlled and driven by compressed air, so it is especially suitable for use in explosion-proof and humid environments, with high safety