Automatic Mango Dicing Cutting Machine

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The mango dicing machine is also called a three-dimensional dicing machine. It cuts the peeled mango into cubes and cuboid shapes. It is suitable for a variety of fruits, dehydrated vegetables, quick-frozen mango processing plants and food pickles industry. The mango dicing machine adopts compound cutter, one-time forming, regular shape and smooth cut surface. The mango cutting machine is simple and convenient to operate, low energy consumption, the body is made of stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion, beautiful and hygienic.

mango dicing machine
mango dicing machine

Mango Dicing Machine Advantages

High production efficiency

Continuous operation, suitable for food industry, can reach 3000kg per hour.

Wide range of uses

Suitable for quick freezing, dehydration, canning, dumplings and other food industries.

Good cutting effect

It can cut various types of materials in sheet, wire, and diced shapes. The grain shape effect is good, the minimum cube can be cut 2.5mm.

High quality material selection

The mango dicing machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which does not contain magnetism and does not rust when used all year round. The blade adopts imported stainless steel blade, which is super durable.

Here is our mango cube cutting machine youtube video for your reference!!

Mango Dicing Machine Parameter

Model GG-800
Capacity 500-800kg
Powder 1hp
weigh 100
Dimension 80*700*1260mm
Cutter size  3-25mm(cube size)

Mango Cutting Machine Features

It can be cut (silk) strip through simple modification;

Simple operation, low failure rate, can reduce labor costs.

There is a micro switch at the feeding place for safe operation;

Does not destroy the mango tissue and does not affect the taste.

Three-dimensional cutting principle, the mango cut surface is smooth and flat.

The mango dicing speed is fast, and it can reach the workload of 45 people in the same time.

The automatic mango cutting machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which is durable;