Industrial Mango Juice Homogenizer Machine

Origin Country China
Warranty Time 12 Months
Customization Support Customization
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The mango juice homogenizer machine is to refine the mango pulp under the triple action of extrusion, strong impact and pressure loss expansion, so that the mango pulp can be mixed with each other more evenly. The crushing is finer, so that the whole product system is more stable. Prevents or reduces juice/pulp delamination. Improve the appearance of mango juice/mango pulp, making it more vivid in color, stronger in aroma and more mellow in taste.

mango juice homogennizer
mango juice homogenizer

Mango Juice Homogenizer Main Functions

Improve the homogeneity and stability of mango pulp

Increase the retention period of mango pulp and reduce the reaction time, thus saving a lot of catalyst or additives,

Change the consistency of mango pulp, improve the taste and color of the product, etc.,

Used in food, health care products, cosmetics and other fields, it can improve the absorption quality of the human body.

Mango Juice Homogenizer Parameter

Model JJ—0.5/60
Greatest pressure 60
Preset pressure 48
Rated flow (L/h) 500
Material Viscosity(Pas) ≤0.2
Temperature(℃) ≤80
Granularity(mesh) ≥50
Feed pipe diameter Ф33
Outlet diameter Ф21
Cooling water inlet G1/4〞
Cooling water outlet G3/4〞
Motor power (KW) 11
Dimensions 1150×860×1100
Total Weight 650
mango juice and pulp homogennizer
mango juice and pulp homogenizer

Mango Juice Homogenizer Features

The double-sided design of the valve seat doubles the service life.

Adopt helical gear low-speed transmission, low noise, smooth operation and reliable performance.

The transmission part adopts the splash type and unique oil delivery method to ensure the moisturizing needs of each part.

The mango juice homogenizer is covered with stainless steel shell, the appearance is smooth and smooth, safe and hygienic.

Homogenizing valve, check valve and plunger are made of alloy steel. It has the characteristics of pond damage resistance, impact resistance and long service life.