Mango Juice Vacuum Deaerator For Fruits Juice

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Warranty Time 12 Months
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The mango juice vacuum deaerator can remove the oxygen and trace oxygen contained in the fruit juice/beverage. Its function is to prevent or reduce the oxidation of pigments, vitamin C, aroma components and other substances in the juice, and prevent the deterioration of quality; remove the gas attached to the suspended particles, reduce or avoid the floating of particles, so as to maintain a good appearance; prevent and reduce foam is generated during canning and sterilization, reducing corrosion of the inner wall of tinplate cans.

mango juice degassing machine
mango juice degassing machine

Degassing is an important stage in the production and processing of degassed fruit beverages. Degassing improves the stability, shelf life, digestibility and taste of fruit juice/beverages. At the same time, the effect of degassing treatment can also greatly reduce the use of additives. Appropriate degassing methods can keep the product’s original activity, stability, mixability and absorbability, nutritional value, shelf life, taste and color.

Mango Juice Vacuum Deaerator Function

Reduce corrosion to the inner wall of the container

Remove the gas attached to the slurry particles, inhibit the floating of the particles, and maintain a good appearance;

Prevent foaming during canning and high-temperature sterilization from affecting sterilization. It is matched with sterilizer to realize automatic control.

Remove the air (oxygen) in the feed liquid, inhibit the oxidation of browning, pigments, vitamins, aroma components and other substances, and prevent quality degradation

mango pulp degassing machine
mango pulp degassing machine

Juice Vacuum Deaerator Parameter

Model GG-TQ-1.5 GG-TQ-2.5 GG-TQ-5
Capacity(t/h) 1.5 2.5 5
Power(Kw) 1.1 1.5 4
Vacuum degree(Mpa) -0.08~-0.0906
Dimension(mm) 1200×850×1800 1400×930×2200 2500X1500X2200

Juice Vacuum Deaerator Features

  1. The juice vacuum deaerator can greatly shorten the exhaust time after the initial water injection of the heating or cooling system, which is very beneficial to the initial commissioning and operation of the system.
  2. Remove the gas in the system, prevent gas resistance, and ensure the stability and reliability of the system during normal operation.
  3. Pump cavitation to reduce system operating noise.
  4. Since the oxygen in the water is removed, the aerobic corrosion of the system will be reduced and the service time of the equipment will be prolonged.
  5. Since the gas in the water is removed, there will be no gas bubbles attached to the surface of the heat exchanger, which improves the heating efficiency.
  6. You can adjust the juice vacuum deaerator working time and cycle as needed.
  7. The capacity of a single applicable system can reach 150 m3; multiple units can be used in parallel.
  8. The juice vacuum deaerator is easy to install, fully automatic operation, and easy to maintain.