Industrial Mango Fruits Peeling Machine For Sale

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The mango peeling machine has fast peeling speed, simple operation, good peeling effect, and the mango peeling rate can reach 98%. The surface of the peeled mango is smooth, saving manpower and material resources. It is a must-have equipment for mango processing factories to improve mango processing efficiency.

mango peeling machine
mango peeling machine

Mango Peeling Machine Advantages

The mango peeling speed is fast, which can meet the workload of 8 people.
The mango peeler machine is also compatible with 20 kinds of fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, lemons, etc.
You can adjust the height and thickness,  and the mango peeler machine computer control has an adaptive function (that is, automatically adjusts the height to low, and adjusts the thickness to thin).

Here is our mango peeling machine testing youtube video in our facotry for your reference!!

Mango Peeler Machine Parameter

Model GG-GW-500 GG-GW-1200
Capacity 500pcs/h 1200pcs/h
Fruit and vegetable diameter 80-250mm 40-100mm
Fruit and vegetable height 160-350mm 40-120mm
Power 0.8kw 0.6kw
Weight 170kg 350kg
Dimension 1500*750*1900mm 1700*855*1700mm
mango peeler machine
mango peeler machine

Mango Peeling Machine Features

High peeling rate: more than 98%, less waste.

Internal grinding wheel enables higher peel rates.

Easy operation, high yield and almost complete peeling.

The fruit peeling machine is controlled by PLC, which can peel and cut the end face.

The cutter can automatically change with the shape of the fruit, and the thickness of the peel can be adjusted to reduce pulp loss.