35 Celsius Industrial Flash Freezer Machine

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The mango flash freezer is a storage tool for storing diced mangoes that need to be frozen. It is used to quickly refrigerate the diced mango, so that the nutrition of the diced mango is not lost and the taste is fresh. The refrigeration system consists of 4 basic parts, namely the compressor, the condenser, the throttling part, and the evaporator.

small scale mango freezer
small scale mango freezer

Industrial flash freezer advantages

All stainless steel design, hygienic and more convenient to clean

The product freezes quickly, the freezing time is short, and the efficiency is relatively higher

Compared with other products, the area is smaller, the production area per unit area is more efficient, the output is larger, and the cost is lower

Quick freezing reduces the dry consumption of diced mango and the dehydration of the product, so that the diced mango basically preserves its original state, increasing the yield and lowering losses

The industrial flash freezer uses liquid nitrogen freezing to create a relatively anaerobic environment to avoid oxidation and deterioration of diced mangoes. The low temperature also plays a role in sterilization and bacteriostasis.

The freezing time is short, and it can quickly pass through the freezing interval of the diced mango to avoid the generation of ice and reduce the damage to the cells of the diced mango, so that the quality of the diced mango can be preserved. More complete preservation of taste and nutritional content.

mango flash freezer
mango flash freezer

commercial flash freezer parameter

Model GG-1
Freezing temperature -35℃
Cooling consumption 18KW
Running the trolley 2 set
Pallets per cart 15units
Tray size 660X460X40mm
Trolley size 660x520X1312mm
Dimensions 3050X2100x1840mm

Flash freeze machine features

The flash freeze machine has the characteristics of low noise and high efficiency.
The pure copper tube evaporator is used to maintain a balanced temperature in the cabinet, and the food can be kept fresh for a long time.
The intelligent multi-function temperature control system is adopted to realize precise temperature adjustment.
The outer casing and inner tank are made of stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance, durability, easy to clean and no sanitary dead corners, and meets the requirements of sanitary certification.
The overall high-pressure and high-density foaming of the whole machine not only improves the thermal insulation performance of the cabinet, but also achieves the purpose of energy saving.
The flash freeze machine can effectively reduce the loss of food juice and inhibit the growth of bacteria, ensuring the taste and safety of the food.