Ultra-High Temperature Instant Sterilization Machine

Origin Country China
Warranty Time 12 Months
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The ultra-high temperature instant sterilizer adopts a spiral double-coiled tube structure to perform high temperature instant sterilization on fluid materials. If matched with a homogenizer, it can also be used for occasions with high viscosity materials, such as beet condensed milk.

UHT Sterilizer
UHT Sterilizer

Working Principle

Ultra-high temperature sterilization (UHT) refers to heating the fluid or semi-fluid to 135-150 °C within 2-8 s, and then rapidly cooling it to 30-40 °C. In this process, the death rate of bacteria is much faster than the rate of deterioration of food quality due to chemical changes caused by heat. Therefore, the instantaneous high temperature meets the requirements of commercial sterility, but it has little effect on the quality of food, and it can almost completely maintain the original color and aroma of the food. ,taste.


Model UHT-1 Type UHT-2 Type
Capacity kg/h 700-1000 1500-2000
Sterilization time s ≈4 ≈4
Sterilization temperature ℃ 115-135 115-135
Steam pressure Mpa <0.78 <0.78
Steam consumption kg/L 0.15 0.15
Material outlet temperature ℃ 4-65 4-65
Pump power kw 1.5 2.2(4.4)
Holding time s ≤45;≤65 ≤45;≤65
UHT Sterilizer machine
UHT Sterilizer machine


1. It can reduce equipment investment by 50% to 70% (no boiler, no boiler room and boiler auxiliary facilities);
2. Reduce the comprehensive cost of the product by 40%~60 (sterilization power consumption is 22~24kW/ton of product, coal consumption);
3. Save manpower (reduce operators, including stokers);
4. Save 90~95% of space (no boiler room is required, the equipment itself occupies a small area, and auxiliary equipment);
5. No “three wastes” emissions, protect the environment, and realize a green factory;
6. Excellent sterilization temperature and short time, which can maintain the flavor of the product to a large extent and reduce the loss of nutrients beneficial to the human body;
7. Use excellent new sterilization technology to replace the backward traditional boiler steam sterilization technology.


1. Continuous production and short sterilization time.
2. Excellent products can be obtained due to short heating time.
3. Due to the use of warm sterilization, the sterilization effect is good.
4. It is used in series with centrifugal pump or high-quality pressure homogenizer, which has a wide range of applications and is suitable for sterilization of high-quality viscosity materials.
5. Since the heat exchanger with cold and hot materials is designed to have the economic effect of waste heat utilization, the steam consumption is small.