Automatic Dehydrated Mango Chips Packaging Machine

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Warranty Time 12 Months
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The automatic mango chips packaging machine adopts a new generation of packaging machine system, which makes the packaging method of the packaging machine more diversified. The new design concept and packaging method change the traditional inefficient manual packaging method. The designer considers the user’s point of view. Considering that the overall appearance of the machine is atmospheric, it has the advantages of simple operation and convenience.

dried mango chips packing machine
dried mango chips packing machine

The combination weighing packaging machine, as the name suggests, uses weighing to ensure the quality of the packaged products, and incorporates elements of automatic packaging to make the packaging process of mango slices smoother. This mango slice packaging machine has a series of automatic functions such as automatic feeding, measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, printing date and finished product output.

Mango Chips Packaging Machine Advantages

1. Fully automatic operation, high packaging efficiency;
2. Multi-head scale measurement, high hardcover;
3. New design, bright appearance, reasonable structure and advanced technology.
4 kinds of automatic alarm protection functions to minimize loss.
5. Diversified bag types, we can provide customers with pillow bags, gusset bags, hanging hole bags, even bags, etc.
6. Imported PLC full computer control system, color touch, touch screen, easy to operate, intuitive and efficient.
7. Imported servo film transport system, imported color mark sensor, accurate positioning, excellent performance of the whole machine, and beautiful packaging.

Automatic Packaging Machine Parameter

Model GG-LK420
Film width max 420mm
Bag width 80-200mm
Bag length 50-300mm
Packing speed 15-80bags/min
Packing range 150-1500ml
Film thickness 0.04-0.10mm
Power 2.5kw/220v 50-60Hz
Machine size 1400*970*1700mm
Machine weight 450kg
Air consumption 0.4m³/min 0.6mpa
mango chips packing machine
mango chips packing machine

Multi-Head Scale Packaging Machine Features

1. Lapel bag maker
The lapel former is used to make the bag and bag forming more beautiful
2. Clear display
Simple operation of various specifications, data storage, one-click start packaging when selecting specifications
3. Independent control of film pulling
Using motor control to pull the film, make the packaging more beautiful
4. Double belt pull film type
Using double belts to pull the film, the use of servo motors is more stable

The automatic packaging machine has a wide range of applicability and can meet the weighing and packaging of multiple products and multiple specifications of food manufacturers. Our company can comprehensively consider the layout according to the user’s material characteristics, packaging specifications, bag type requirements, installation space and other factors, and configure the corresponding fully automatic bag-feeding packaging machine for non-standard configuration.