Mango Fruits Sorting Grading Machine For Sale

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The mango grading machine adopts the principle of balance and lever, uses the weight of the container and the weighing set by the weight, and achieves the grading and grading of the selected weight by the displacement and measurement during swimming. It can directly replace manual mango weighing and grading to achieve the purpose of improving production efficiency, improving accuracy, reducing labor and reducing costs. The graded mango is uniform in size and beautiful in appearance, it greatly improves the mangoes quality , increases the added value of mangoes, and improves the economic benefits of mangoes.

mango grading machine
mango grading machine

Mango Grading Machine Advantages

Save labor. One mango grader can replace about 6-10 people.
The mango grading speed is fast, and the mango sorting efficiency is high
The the mango grading section parameters can be freely set as required.
Reduce the chance of manual contact with mangoes and meet the requirements of food HACCP safety.

Here is your mango sorting machine working feedback from our customer youtube video for your reference!!!

Mango Sorting Machine Parameter

Item Lifting Conveyance Sorting
Dimensions 1500*700*1200mm 2500/*300*1100
Power 0.37Kw 1.1Kw
Voltages 380V/50HZ,Three phase
Capacity 240pcs/min
Materials Stainless Steel 304
mango grading machine
mango grading machine

Mnago Grading Machine Features

1.Color touch screen interface, simple operation and intuitive display.

2.The whole mango grading machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is not easy to rust and is durable.

3.The use of practical generators can improve work efficiency, and double the time to achieve doubled effects.

4.The speed is adjustable, the frequency conversion control motor is adopted, and the mango grading speed can be adjusted according to the needs

5.The whole mango grading machine is waterproof design; the base of the material box is easy to disassemble, easy to install and maintain, and easy to clean.

6.The mango grading range can be directly set the parameters through the touch screen, the operation is convenient and simple, and the sorting level can be customized according to customer needs.