Automatic Mango Fruits Waxing Drying Machine

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The mango waxing machine was widely used when mango was first launched. Waxing is to make the mango better retain its moisture. Waxing on the mango skin can slow down the loss of moisture, so that even if the mango is placed a little longer time, the water will not be lost in large amounts, and the taste will be better, but it will not contaminate the pulp, and the public can still eat it with confidence. After waxing, polishing and drying, the mango surface shows a bright luster, which improves the appearance quality of mango and maintains the moisture inside the mango fruit, which is one of the important links in the commercialization of mango.

mango waxing drying machine
mango waxing drying machine

The mango waxing drying machine is also suitable for waxing and glazing of apples, mandarin oranges, navel oranges, pomelo and other fruits, so that the fruit surface is bright and bright, fresh, and insect-proof, and improve the commodity value of the fruit.

waxed fruits
waxed fruits

Mango Waxing Drying Machine Advantages

Waxing mangoes can also reduce the loss of fruit moisture and avoid mango shrinkage;
After waxing, the mango can greatly improve the smoothness of the fruit and improve the quality of the mango;
Waxing mangoes can reduce the spread of pests and bacteria, which is beneficial to protect the health of consumers;
Waxed mangoes can effectively inhibit the respiration of the fruit, play a role in preservation, and the shelf life can be extended by 20 to 30 days;


Mango Waxing Drying Machine Feature

Transport by roller, it is easy to operate, consumes less power, low noise, no hurt mangoes, flexible in movement and easy to maintain.

High pressure, continuous and uninterrupted supply of wax, and we can freely adjust the amount of wax according to the processing flow and the wax volume of mangoes of different sizes.

The wax spray nozzle has a good atomization effect, and with the cooperation of 4 ponytail brushes, the wax-free coverage and wax layer stacking that are easy to occur during the waxing process are effectively eliminated.

It is also suitable for fruit farmers, orchards, fruit companies, fruit and vegetable production bases, and fruit and vegetable cooperatives.